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Buy Wholesale Loose Diamonds In Israel - Hari Krishna Exports

Jewellery can be made to look extremely unique and exquisite with the use of diamonds, which is why we at Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. offer you some of the best wholesale diamonds. As a pioneer in the diamond wholesale market in Israel, we ensure that you are able to make a breathtaking range of diamond accessories. We actively work towards providing you with the most reliable diamonds from sellers like Alrosa, De Beers, Rio Tinto and DDC.

You can also buy loose diamonds in Israel in varied sizes ranging from the smallest at .01cents and the larger ones being bigger than 10 carats. At Hari Krishna it is also possible to choose between round or fancy shaped diamonds because we believe in never having to limit your requirements. Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd rules the loose diamond wholesale market in Israel because we pay special attention to the pricing. Our diamonds are priced to match the budget of the buyers, which means that they do not have to focus their energies on bargaining.

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